About BlessedAngel®

The primary goal of the BlessedAngel®, a stage wise learning program is to help children with learning difficulties, exercise and enhance their cognitive skills.
Edsix believes in holistic development of children with learning difficulties to keep in pace with the rest of the society by providing quality education and help them achieve personal independence.
A partnership with EDSIX BRAINLAB® will ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to learn and succeed in the world today.
Play, Learn & Grow together
Exciting time for both parent and child
No Child left behind
Bridging learning gaps for SEN children
Improved engagement & knowledge retention
Learning made effective & fun filled
Screen time made 'Sensible screen time'
BlessedAngel is developed by a team of
Education experts
Developmental Paediatricians
Clinical Psychologists
Setting up a regular study routine helps in student engagement
Routine student engagement helps learning to stay on course
Learning through images/ play way method improves their memory, visualisation & thinking skills

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